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Evelyn (Class of 2020)

As a recent graduate of COFEA it was a honour to study this ancient system of medicine with them over the last 3 years, from personal development to obtaining the necessary skills to practice acupuncture, I loved the diversity of the course.

The teaching staff were very supportive and the course exceeded my expectations.
– Evelyn Carolan

Andrew (Class of 2019)

I found the Lic. Ac to be truly transformative. The standard of the teaching was of the highest standard. The course was delivered in a most exciting, engaging and supportive way. The time literally flew while I was on the course and as a bonus, I made some fantastic friends. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone who wishes to embark on an exciting new career while helping others to reach optimum physical, emotional and mental health.
– Andrew Allen

Layla (Class of 2020)

Five Element Acupuncture is a simple yet profound system of medicine. Having spent 5 years studying TCM Acupuncture and herbal medicine, I was drawn to further study of 5E Acupuncture because of the deep impact and change it can affect in those who receive it, something I have witnessed both as a patient and as a practitioner. COFEA is a unique place to study this system of medicine, being the only English speaking college in Europe to teach purely this tradition and provide students with a Lic. Ac. on completion. I found the colleges dedication to keeping this system of medicine alive and educating students in a tradition that has existed for over 2,000 years to be thorough, earnest and always with the aim of training both dedicated compassionate healers and of supporting development of its students on a personal level.
– Layla O’Mara

Lee (Class of 2016)

In my experience the faculty were extremely encouraging in their development of their students and clearly aim to produce excellent five element practitioners. There is good balance at the college to promote growth and resilience in the students with a fair few laughs along the way. I found the structure of the days very well thought through, a good mixture of theory and practical to keep the senses sharp and engaged over the three or four day period each month.

The setting and the facilities provided were fantastic and never a hindrance to learning. The classes always ran like clockwork and in my estimation COFEA over delivered in the three year course with excellent student to teacher ratios, space and facilities and eagerness to give the students as much time as necessary to develop and embody the teaching.

Our clinical year was a fantastic challenge, building a list of patients, managing treatments and putting into practice many hours of learning really was a great experience. We were well guided throughout the 7 or so months or working with patients and it prepared us incredibly well for continuing the journey with 5 element acupuncture with our own practice.

The connection I’ve developed with the faculty and fellow students is something that will stay with me for life. In my view there’s a dedicated team at COFEA really trying to unravel and provide an antidote to many of life’s challenges, connected and bolstered by a long lineage of wisdom, expertise and tradition.

Our mortality, our place in society, our family and relationships and how to maintain a level of success and well-being through all of this is not a trivial matter. Taking a few years to sharpen your senses, understand yourself in a profound way, understand how to treat imbalance in others, recognise the same imbalances in yourself, how to become part of the solution and build things up, rather than falling short of your goals and bringing the world down with you. This alone is worth taking a few years to explore; if you dedicate yourself and really go for it, you might just find yourself as a five element practitioner at the other end.
– Lee Wood

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