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Meet your faculty and staff team. All of our team are teachers and practitioners of Classical Five Element Acupuncture and have a wealth of experience to pass onto you!

Our faculty are practitioners and teachers of Classical Five Element Acupuncture and we love practicing this amazing yet simple system of medicine. We believe you will experience this through the teaching we will offer you. We are happy for you to ask as many questions as you need to!

The curriculum at COFEA follows the oral tradition of Classical Five Element Acupuncture. The format is based on a spiral (non-linear) system of learning utilised in Eastern approaches to teaching.

Many modules are cumulative in nature and material that is presented in the first term may be revisited in greater depth later on. Over time, the students are expected to internalise the material, at their current level of competency. In other words if you don’t immediately grasp something the first time around you will have ample repeated opportunities to re-visit the material and ask questions until you become more comfortable with the subject matter and more importantly become more proficient at using your senses to diagnose and treat.

Our training guides students in using and respecting the laws of nature to treat or prevent illness. Emphasis is placed on reawakening and developing natural diagnostic skills: the ability to see, to hear, to ask, and to feel.

Therefore, the College strongly encourages students to grow, not only in academic knowledge and understanding of acupuncture, but also in terms of their own personal development and learning. The aim of the College is to develop skilled diagnosticians and practitioners, not merely agile test-takers.

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